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Can you help identify/place this Hebrew font?

Philipp Messner is putting together a small exhibit on Hebrew typographer for the Israel Museum this fall. The exhibit will focus on three book and type designers: Franziska Baruch, Henri Friedlaender and Moshe (Moritz) Spitzer, but his chart covers a wider variety of 20th century metal type. He has the following sample:

type sample

He writes: "I found it on the cover of one of the first editions of the Hebrew avant-garde magazine "HaMahar" (edited by Avidgor Hameiri and published 1927-1940 in Tel Aviv and New York). I only got it in this poor quality but it seems to be printed type (the letters are used for different issues, not only for this motto, but for numbering etc.)."

Please contact me if you can identify it, or know anything about the magazine, etc., and I'll pass the word onto Philipp.

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