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PDF of Simon Prais' thesis now available

Well, this has actually been available for over a year—I am the dilatory one. British typographer Simon Prais did his thesis some 20 years ago about typesetting Hebrew and Latin alphabets together. I happily talk about it on my Hebrew typography bibliography page. He has created a new website devoted to Hebrew/Latin typography, and the first entry is this thesis:. Check out He writes that "I recently gave a presentation from which my talk has been combined with the slides and put into a quick-time movie. I will soon also have this available to download form the same site." Do encourage him to be more speedy in this endeavor than I have been in letting you know of the treasure now online.

Apologies for destruction wrought by upgrade ;-).

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Over a year ago, I upgraded this blog to the latest version of Moveable Type. Many things broke during the upgrade, and I haven't had time to fix them. Hoping to go from fire to frying pan, I upgraded again about two weeks ago. Needless to say, more things are now broken. But, I am slowly fixing the code. I try to decide whether it is less time-consuming to start over with new software, which I want to learn, or dig into Moveable Type, which at one time served me very well, and could probably do so again. In the meantime, what I really need to do is to fix the templates so that people can access the goodies that used to be accessible (and still are, if you look at the static pages, like the Hebrew keyboards page). Several of those static entries need updating as well. It will come. I also have a year's worth of entries that want to go up on the blog. With luck, it will be a good Hanukah ;-). Bear with me.

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