Updated Passover Haggadah Toolkit


Back in the '80s, the weeks before Passover consisted of reading dozens of haggadahs, talking with friends, and gradually cutting and pasting a text that felt right as that year's haggadah. When I first started playing with Acrobat, there were still no standards for Hebrew, but I figured that I could go better than ASCII by encoding the Hebrew as it was then done, and putting it into a form where anyone could download, print, cut and paste.

But, of course, no one wants to do that any more. And no one should have to: we have lots of tools for editing Hebrew, and Unicode fonts. So, this year, a bit late, as usual, I have redone that minimal Haggadah Toolkit and input the Hebrew using Unicode so that it =should= be possible to cut and paste into whatever tool works for you. Of course, by now, everyone has finished the Haggadah and just needs to print them up for the seder Saturday night, but just in case, the new version is now available. And better, it will still be there next year, maybe with a bit more Hebrew, as I have time.

Passover Haggadah Toolkit, v 0.2


Hi, Ari! I ran across your klezmershack website when looking for baritone horn sheet music, of all things, then wandered here. I really like your haggadah! Though I'd appreciate more Hebrew along with the transliteration - maybe next year?

I just had my bat mitzvah - 30 years late. I'd been looking for resources to learn Torah and Haftorah trope, and was resigned to creating my own music-notation cheat sheets, but had too much trouble with the fonts. Also, how could I write the left-to-right music with right-to-left "lyrics"? I'm trying to avoid transcription when possible.


I can't answer the question about music notation, but for the questions about setting Hebrew, you will find lots of information on this site about how to do it for whatever computer/OS you are using. Good luck!

Once again, with a few hours to go,
had to d/l the t-kit. Thank you Ari and
Hag Sameach!


A pleasure!

im doing homework and one of the questions is find out how to write passover in hebrew can you help me with this please?

The word for the holiday referred to in English as "Passover" is about as simple as Hebrew gets.

I would guess that your teacher was hoping that you would either look in your textbook or a dictionary--and that either would be likelier to provide a learning opportunity than my typing the word here on a blog.

Let me encourage you to learn by actually digging into those (or whatever resources your teacher recommended).

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