Ta'amei Mikra from Jerusalem Typesetting


sample hebrew w/taamei mikraI have corresponded frequently with Raphael Freeman of Jerusalem Typesetting about using InDesign with Hebrew. He has recently announced the ability to set trup (Ta'amei Mikrah—the symbols that are used to know how to chant/sing from Torah, Haftorah, etc.). He has been working with a local type foundry, FontBit to get a version of their Livorno font with the required characters, and then uses a script with InDesign to set things just right. Here is a sample from the Purim Megillah. Visit the Jerusalem Typesetting website, www.jerusalemtype.com for a free e-mail newsletter and more info.


Ari, I wonder if you are aware that the SBL Hebrew font offers these signs in a Unicode compliant font?

In case you have missed it it is at http://www.sbl-site.org/Resources/default.aspx

Wasn't aware of that. Thank you.

But that still leaves the question to which Fontbit and Jerusalem Type is providing a solution: setting the characters easily and properly in place. I have my own font that I created years ago, but it requires changing font each time I need the character, then using manual kerning to put it into place. Not a good solution for production volume (although it was great for the project for which it was devised).

I tried the SBL Hebrew Font but it doesn't work properly with InDesign. Unless they have recently updated it. It's a very nice font what they've done so I would be very happy to use it!

I've never used hebrew fonts on my mac (old 350 MHz iMac running OS X 10.2.6). I just downloaded some from ben's fonts but they're not working... I used fontdoctor to convert them from windows ttf to mac which seems to have worked: Suitcase recognizes them and installed them okay. It's just when I try to use them (InDesign, Photoshop) that nothing happens. I can type numbers, but no letters. Do I need to do something to convert my keyboard?

Yes, first you need to install Hebrew System resources - see the guides listed on the side of this page and find the appropriate one. Then you need to be using application(s) that understanding foreign language systems.

Hello - I was able to install a hebrew font on my mac (OS9). I have no trouble in photoshop except when I try to arc the text. Does anyone know of a mac font that has outlines? Thank you!

All vector-encoded fonts have outlines, pretty much by definition. But Photoshop is not going to help you much unless you have the Middle Eastern version (see previous comments and the articles throughout this site and linked offsite about Hebrew and Computers).

For arcing text in general, Middle Eastern versions of Illustrator and the like (even Corel Draw) would be a better bet.


I hope this is the right place. I'm looking for a book about Taamei Hamikra (a book that I can find here, US); both Hebrew & English.
Thank you!

I don't know of any book in particular, unless you are looking for a book about how to chant Torah or Haftorah portions, in which case the Josh Jacobson book (search for that name on www.jmwc.org for more info) would probably be good. If you are trying to learn how to typeset them, there is no such book, but you can certainly contact the person mentioned in the original item here.


Thank you Ari. BTW I'm looking for info about the font Vilna (a little history about this font), but I can't find. I googled a lot - but nothing. Thank you.

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