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A query on the UYIP list for "free Yiddish fonts" drew this response from Gerben Zaagsma:

Dr. Berlin's Foreign Font Archive can be found at:

There is a link to "Ancient/Modern Hebrew and Yiddish Typefaces" in the left frame. The Yiddish font is called "Ain Yiddishe Font". It is a zip file and if i remember well it can (after using a conversion utility) be used on Macs as well as Windows-based computers.

Note that the quality (both in terms of how the characters are drawn, and especially in how they fit together) may not be professional, but that doesn't matter for most uses of the fonts. [ari]


the link gives a 404 Any idea where it is now?
Thanks for a reply.

I regret to note that Dr. Berlin has retired and this page is no more -- see my only later blog entry at

i'm looking very quickly for a yiddish font.
Please can you some information how to find it.
thanks a lot,

Best regards,

E. P.

Well, you can try one of the vendors listed on the sidebar to this page, including our sponsors, FontWorld.

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