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Hebrew Typography at KlezKanada

Just a short note to say that there was no internet connection at KlezKanada, so I put up nothing while I was there. As I get caught up on post-vacation stuff, I will be putting up the slides from that Hebrew Typography, although I didn't write out the lecture and I'm not sure how I will integrate the two. We'll see.

I had a good time with the workshops talking with people about using Hebrew and English together. Some folks needed to know how to add Hebrew resources to their current computers. Everyone already had either Word, or a working Hebrew/English word processor, so I didn't do my AbiWord training. A lot of people are doing interesting projects, so I look forward to seeing how things proceed. I gave out the handouts that I put online here just before leaving, and they seemed well-received. Further comments always welcome.

Other than projects here at home, the upcoming weblog project will be notes on a mahzor (High Holiday prayerbook). Unfortunately, since the High Holidays are upon us, that will now have to wait until after the holidays, and we'll see how the new synagogue mahzor corrected minor issues I had last year (quite likely) or introduced new ones (less likely).

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