Ashkenaz '97--A Festival of New Yiddish Culture, August  25 - September 1, 1997, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada

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All about the Harborfront area, including an 80K site map

Welcome to Toronto!
Here's a city guide and information site that will put everything you want or need to know about Toronto, from other attractions, to hotels, to climate, to transportation, at your fingertips.

Toronto's Arts, Entertainment & Tourism Guide
Bruce recommends this guide to Toronto, as well.

Bed & Breakfast Online Canada
Here's a pretty nifty bed and breakfast guide for finding accomodations in the Toronto area.

Toronto's Jewish Community
Toronto has a rich, diverse, and welcoming Jewish community that invites you to come visit. Toronto's UJA sponsors this site.

other Yiddish Festivals

KlezKanada '97
Although, I personally think the gang putting this on have odd ideas of communication (starting with yet another hyperactive web site), keep August 20-24th open for a lovely time just an hour north of Montreal in beautiful Quebec. The schedule features many of the best klezmer musicians, and there is a rich program of Yiddish-related classes and lectures. Of course, as soon as camp lets out, you can head west to Toronto for the Ashkenaz Fest....

The Second International Yiddish festival, Amsterdam, 11/96
"Besides information on the festival a virtual wall of wisdom has been constructed, were people from all over the world can read and mail wise (Yiddish) expressions. The best expressions of wisdom will be placed both on this virtual wall of wisdom and on a real wall at the festival. !!!!!!!!!!!! We would like to invite you to come and have a look and ("participate") at the festival by sending your own (yiddish) expression or story or by playing our on-line yiddish quiz."

Yiddish Culture

The Yiddish Voice
Mark David's "Yiddish Voice" web page has the authoritative links to pages of Yiddish interest around the Internet.

The Virtual Shtetl
No, this isn't a tour of drawings of a typical shtetl from the old country. It's an amazing listing of Yiddish resources throughout the internet. You might want to turn off the setting that automatically loads graphics to your browser before visiting--there are about 80K or or more of graphics on the home page.

Yiddish-Hebrew-English-German-Russian Dictionary
Hosted on the same site as the Virtual Shtetl, Ester Vaisman's dictionary deserves special mention just because it is such a neat resource. It is slow, due to using graphics to present each word, but it is a lot of fun.

Yiddish Aleph-bet
So much of Jewish culture--Hebrew, Yiddish, Judesmo--relies on being able to puzzle out the Hebrew alphabet. Here's one introduction.

Jewish Genealogy
Want to look up some family history or find out more about your family's roots?

Der Bay
Philip "Fishl" Kutner is a wonderful and warm person who lives across the Bay from where I used to live. He puts out a lovely (print) newsletter, Der Bay networking folks doing anything with Yiddish around the world. Send e-mail to

Mendele: Yiddish Literature and Language
Mendele is a wonderful mailing list about all things yiddish. It's a free "subscription" list, and now there's even a 'literary supplement'. Check out their web page for more information.

A Brooklyn home page
David Neal Miller has created a lovely set of Brooklyn pages devoted to the area's multi-ethnicity and to a vanished Yiddish neighborhood.

A photographic essay of abandoned Jewish cemeteries in Europe
We first heard about Ruth Gruber through her wonderful Jewish Heritage Travel: A Guide To East-Central Europe (John Wiley & Sons, 1992/1994) which served as Ari's Jewish travel guide for his own Eastern European trip in Fall '96. A friend has mounted many of her photographs on this site, with appropriate quotations. It's a site worth visiting, and one to think about a lot, afterwards. Ruth's photographs create a different virtual Ashkenaz, but also define a leg on which any new Yiddish culture is supported.

Bubbe's back porch
Storyteller Abbe Don has created a wonderful site to read and to tell stories. As usual, her sense of place, and her ability to recreate the perfect visit to bubbe, are impeccable. You should only visit--it couldn't hurt! I just baked some mandelbrot....

Yiddish autobiography and poetry
The Dallas Virtual Jewish Community Center is an amazing resource in its own right, but to publish the autobiography and poetry of Chaya Rochel Andres in both English and yiddish is a treat! (Be careful. There are some technical holes in this site, but it's worth it.)

Ari Davidow's Klezmer Pages
Ari Davidow tries to maintain as complete a resource as possible about klezmer music and musicians on or off the web.

Jewish Resources on the Internet
This is where we cover the possibility that we haven't provided a link to some place important, by providing a link to Andrew Tannenbaum's master list of all things Jewish on the Internet.

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