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This page contains information about those Jewish mailing lists with which I am involved. I wanted there to be a central page to which I could refer from all of the websites that I maintain. I look forward to hearing whether or not this interface is useful. This is a first pass, but I hope that I have gotten things sufficiently together to be useful. Do e-mail me if I haven't, or with any comments. Note connections on this page to people who maintain complete lists of Jewish resources--this is not one. This page is only intended to support those specific lists (and only mailing lists, not online communities) with which I am involved.


This list was originally started by me in 1992. I was looking to do something on this new system, "" that my friends Avrum and Chaim had started, and I had been dreaming of a place where people would discuss "Jewish Music"--you know, klezmer and Israeli rock. Boy, was I wrong. The scope of Jewish music is much, much broader. But that's okay. I tried to catch that breadth and diversity in the short description for the list: "World music from a Jewish slant." On May 6, 2007, the list was moved from to the Jewish Music Web Center (

Historical note: The Jewish-music mailing list was what created, and was originally linked to the newsgroup. The original plan was to create a hierarchy called "israel", but I objected that jewish-music could not be defined within such a limit (not all Jewish music is connected to Israel, and not all music connected to Israel is Jewish.), and that the group should be mainstreamed with the other lists where music fans would look. When the moved and was changed to "", the software linking news groups and mailing lists on shamash was broken. Whether this was a technical issue that never seemed important enough to resolve, or whether this was also in response to the reaction of the mailing list folks to the unregulated spam and bizarre cross-postings that came in from the newsgroup, I do not know. At this time, you need to post to both the mailing list and the newsgroup to reach everyone. From my perspective, trying to fix the linkage means resolving too many messes, many of which have no satisfactory resolution. So this separation will remain for the foreseeable future.

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When you subscribe, you will get a welcome message that, among other things, will help you customize your settings to set Digest mode, change your email address, etc. Please save that message. If you lose it, you can regain your password by visiting[youremailaddress here]

To search the "jewish-music" archives

Previous archives are not available yet (I have a host of email cloaking to worry about), but the current list can be searched by subscribers (you saved that welcome message with your password?) at the list webpage, above. I have deliberately kept the list out of some general public archives because of the infrequent need to remove a posting with information that cannot be made public (a credit card number sent to the list by mistake, for example).


UYIP (Understanding Yiddish Information Processing)

This list is moderated by Mark David, who also does the wonderful "Yiddish Voice" radio show in the Boston area. Mark is very computer literate, and good at keeping track of what works. Most interesting, because Yiddish requires use of vowels, this is also the place to check in if you want to do Hebrew online and need vowels. The usual Hebrew sources just don't care and won't help you. In this sense, I think of Mark as the current point person for using all of the languages based on the Hebrew alphabet online. The website is at

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